Derek Mihalik

Managing Partner

Derek has been with Starbelly since October 2016. One of the creative minds behind our food & cocktail menus, Derek draws inspiration from his travels around the globe and from experimenting with flavour combinations in his kitchen at home. 

Bringing 20 years of hospitality experience to the table (pun intended), Derek has held many positions in hospitality ranging from bus boy, nightclub bartender, pub manager and a senior GM of one of Canada's largest chain restaurants. Wanting a new challenge, Derek decided to embark on a new path to grow an independent restaurant. Armed with his years of experience, passion and knowledge of food, wine, spirits and cocktails, the Starbelly brand has become one of his proudest career achievements.

Outside the restaurant, Derek is an avid sports fan who can usually be found on either the ball diamond, golf course or ski hill. He is a level 3 sommelier, collector of Japanese knives and grew up during the "frosted tips" and boy band era! His happy place includes spending time in hot weather near palm trees with his wife Brandy and daughter Palmer.

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Chantal McPhee

General Manager

Chantal has been with Starbelly since May 2019 and has grown fast with Starbelly starting from a server, shift manager, night manager and now our assistant general manager all in one year. 


Chantal has 15 years experience in the industry and feels at home in the Starbelly family. If you have a sweet tooth or your lips feel chapped, she has you covered as her Blistex chapstick and candy stash isn’t far away. Not only does she have a passion for cooking and creating dishes at home, she even named her kitty after a food item, Tuna! 


Chantal loves people and being a mentor but during her time away from the restaurant you will find her dreaming of the ocean, camping, gardening, soaking in the mountain views and sipping on a glass of Riesling!

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Daniel Clements


Dan has been with Starbelly since June 2017. He is responsible for menu & recipe development and leading the kitchen brigade.

Dan has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years and has fond memories of his journey to get to Starbelly. 

Inspired by his past mentors, Dan is passionate about paying it forward and working with aspiring chefs to put as much effort into building relationships with both food and people alike. Dan believes that fresh, unique, simple food is the foundation of health.

Dan loves movies, music and going to concerts. He loves playing slopitch, enjoying road trips, hanging out on patios and relaxing by himself with the silence that he rarely gets in the kitchen.

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Madison Shandro

Brand Ambassador

Madison has been with Starbelly since 2018 and has been in the industry for 10 years who is happy to be a part of the Starbelly family.


Madison has several positions within Starbelly from a server, manager, events manager, and social media manager. She is very detail oriented, organized at all times and oddly loves cleaning and sanitizing a little too much. 


She is a lover of doughnuts, interior design, plants and dogs. Madison’s dream vacation involves 
her toes in the sand with a
Diet Pepsi in hand. 


Justin Lall

Executive Chef 

Justin has been with Starbelly since February 2020 and is already an excellent addition to our Starbelly team. 


Justin has been in the industry for 17 years and loves experimenting with new food but also loves cooking food the traditional way to allow quality ingredients speak for themselves. 


Justin is a hard worker but on his days off he enjoys keeping fit and escaping to the mountains in his white sports car.